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HD IP Delivers Clear Benefits for Tower Transit


As camera technology evolves, operators are beginning to see the benefits of integrating high definition (HD) IP cameras into their surveillance solutions. Not only is the footage they collect more detailed, IP cameras can save operators money in fines and compensation, whilst providing an unbeatable training tool.

The Challenge

Tower Transit has had forward-facing analogue cameras fitted to vehicles since 2015. The cameras capture clear, quality footage from the road in front of the vehicle and record vital data for training, journey analysis, law enforcement and insurance or other claims – which can be reviewed by the CCTV analysts based at the depot.

After reviewing their on-board surveillance capacity and highlighting a number of instances where footage retrieved from the legacy forward-facing cameras had not been clear enough to rebuke fines or insurance claims, Tower Transit approached Synectics for an answer.

"Analogue cameras are absolutely fine. They do the job and the majority of the time the footage captured gives you the evidence that you require. However, if you’ve ever viewed an incident and wished that you could just zoom into a vehicle registration number plate, or even a passenger’s face, then you’ll appreciate the benefits that IP can offer. We certainly wouldn’t go back to analogue”.

Greg Wright, Insurance Manager
Tower Transit Operations Ltd

Synectics demonstrated the superior image clarity that HD-IP cameras could deliver, as well as increased functionality, such as the ability to zoom in without quality loss – essential for helping drivers and operators to see things in precise detail, including number plates and cyclist positions on the road.

Tower Transit initially trialled forward-facing IP cameras with Synectics on vehicles in 2015, before updating their specification to forward-facing IP cameras which now appear on every new vehicle which leaves the factory.

The Solution

Installed to the dashboard, Tower Transit’s forward-facing road IP cameras are part of an overall on-vehicle surveillance solution, including analogue interior and exterior cameras, and driver’s cab monitors.

New vehicles (and any requiring upgrade), are also fitted with Synectics’ hybrid T1600 digital video recorder (DVR). Tower Transit uses Synectics’ integrated management platform – Synergy 3 Transport – to monitor and review the T1600 footage. Synergy 3 Transport gives Tower Transit a new level of flexibility and technical capability for managing on-vehicle security and surveillance, whilst effectively and efficiently managing their fleet.

Because the transition to IP is an evolutionary process, Tower Transit can obtain the benefits of IP intelligently with change happening in line with their own driven increments. Synectics offers expert guidance during the transition and provides flexible options along the way. This approach is suitable for operators of any size, with any budget.

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About Tower Transit

The Tower Transit Group employs 2,930 staff and operates 1,030 buses in some of the worlds most connected and busy cities, where there is immense pressure on drivers to transport commuters safely, but quickly. London in one such city.

With 450 buses operating within the TfL London framework, Tower Transit London needed to ensure its use of surveillance technology was supporting every aspect of operations. Fulfilling that need saw Tower Transit become one of the first operators to implement forward facing IP cameras.

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