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Protecting First Responders and Public Safety

In an attempt to assist the public, the Emergency Services are faced with difficult challenges and situations on a daily basis.

The Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance Services are using CCTV footage more and more to assist with training, monitor public perception and in cases of road collisions and target assaults proving fault and helping bring criminals to justice.

CCTV footage has become a vital piece of kit for First Responders and Emergency Vehicles helping to deter, apprehend and prosecute offenders.

Design, Supply and Install

As part of a trial basis for a UK Fire Service, Synectics installed a four camera CCTV system onto the new small vehicle Toyota Hilux Rapid Response fire appliance, enabling the brigade to monitor perception and ensure a positive response from the public whilst the vehicle was out on the roads and responding to emergency call-outs.

The brigade soon realised that they were able to use the footage, not only to view public perception of the new vehicle, but the CCTV also provided assistance with driver training and in cases of road collisions or targeted assaults, they have used the footage to prove fault and helped to bring criminals to justice.

As of 2016, the brigade has specified Synectics CCTV systems on all new full sized appliances, as well as on smaller appliances. They requested a 7 camera system specification be installed on all new large appliances. Synectics have trained several members of the team including Vehicle Claims Assistant, Transport Engineering workshop and the Engineering Development Manager. Each are able to download and access any of the footage as required ensuring that they are fully capable of using the technology to its maximum potential.

Five Reasons for Emergency Services CCTV >>

1. Deter, Apprehend and Prosecute Offenders

2. Monitor Public Perception

3. Promote a Safe Environment

4. Faster Access to Evidence

5. Fully Audited Footage Ready for Legal Use

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