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Top Tips for On-Board CCTV

Monday, 15 June 2015

Every month, bus and coach operators across the UK are dealing with hundreds of requests for CCTV footage and other data, so it’s no surprise that many are looking to speed up the process of retrieving, collating and supplying evidence. Similarly, reducing the time between any type of incident involving a vehicle and the resolution of a potential claim can have a huge impact on claims handling cost. Here are four ways of boosting turnaround times – and saving money:

1. Faster downloads: Speeding up the process of downloading footage from the vehicle is a first step. Wireless download at depot is already wide-spread, streamlining the - often automated - saving down of all footage from all vehicles at the end of the day, without walk-arounds. On the horizon are remote download via 4G/5G while the vehicle is still on the road or the live upload of footage into the cloud.

2. Faster sharing: A request for footage from the police today triggers a laborious process to find, download, burn on CD/DVD, package and send the usual three copies by post – or prepare footage for viewing by a visiting police officer. Modern integration platforms, like our own Synergy 3, offer the possibility of sharing footage directly through the system or even create privileged remote access to the system for the police. The potential time-saving here is huge.

3. Faster reporting: A streamlined claims handling process starts with superfast reporting of any incident. The earlier an incident is reported, the more pro-actively it can be managed, which can have astonishing effects, especially with regard to curbing third-party cost. Something as simple as getting drivers to report any incident immediately can reduce claims payments significantly (global risk management company Marsh showed in 2013 how faster reporting had cut claims cost for a motor fleet operator by over 50%).

4. Faster joining of dots: Compelling evidence that counters a claim quickly hardly ever consists of just one piece of data or one CCTV image. Being able to access all potential material in one place, rather than going through various separate systems, means operators can make their case quickly before further costs are incurred. System integration is a big opportunity here, making it very easy to pull together contextual data, providing for example braking or acceleration data along with footage. This means fraudulent claims can be debunked in no time. A lot is possible today by way of integration and a lot more is still to come!