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Protection for Coach Operators

Thursday, 18 February 2016

On-vehicle CCTV has become an invaluable asset to the coach & bus industry; however it is still seen by many coach operators to be an added expense for compliance reasons, rather than a sound investment. With over 25 years of experience, Synectics discuss why CCTV is now a key component for the day-to-day running of coach operators.

From the large touring operators, down to the small family run operators, the popularity of CCTV and telematics within the coach industry has increased in recent years and is becoming ‘must-have’ equipment.

Synectics’ customers, such as National Express, Bakers’ Dolphin and Anthony’s Travel have found that once drivers realise that the purpose of having the CCTV is to protect them, not persecute them, then the technology can generate significant savings for operators including:

•    Driver training
•    Driver protection
•    Anti-bullying provisioning
•    Prevention of fraudulent insurance claims
•    Reduction in the number of overall insurance claims

CCTV protects drivers, passengers and the general public alike, as well as operators’ bottom lines. The latter has become self-evident, with operators’ expectations of maximum reliability and return on investment. This can be delivered via on-going maintenance and automatic system health-checks, ensuring that the correct footage is available when you need it most.

Another area for consideration is the sophisticated integration of CCTV with other business systems. In fact, so central has CCTV and telematics become, that operators are continuously looking to increase uptime and footage recovery rates. Some operators, such as Anthony’s Travel, have seen the results and benefits of the installed CCTV systems and have since requested the addition of audio recording to the specification. This enables driver and passenger exchanges to be recorded, which is vital evidence when customers make allegations against the drivers. The operator can also use the footage to help retrain drivers.

Operators introducing telematics - such as Synectics’ Genius - to their fleet, are able to see how fuel-efficiently drivers are running their vehicles on a given route. The data retrieved can be used to incentivise drivers, rewarding colleagues achieving above a certain score or those who maintain a low number of accidents, incidents or traffic offences.

With money saved in fuel, vehicle repair and prevented accidents, as well as the drivers’ receptiveness to the incentive schemes, using telematics as a tool really is a great benefit to the operational efficiencies of any coach operator.

Operators tell us these investments pay for themselves in a single claim successfully countered, so every additional improvement benefits their bottom line.

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