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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Over the last year, customers across the UK and Ireland have seen huge benefits from IP cameras integrated with the latest DVRs. An IP camera captures HD quality footage, covering larger areas in a higher resolution than its predecessor, the analogue camera. This improved clarity of image has enabled operators to extract a larger amount of crucial information from the footage - and in a shorter time. 

We understand how important and valuable time is to operators. We are currently working with our customers to integrate wireless, IP, new generation recorders and software to create cost savings, improve business efficiencies and increase productivity. 

With large fleets recording for long periods, the efficiency of footage handling and the management of a large number of on-board systems is an important issue for operators. Wireless connectivity can help in both areas, with potential for significant efficiency savings.

With Wi-Fi access to on-board DVRs, physical visits to the vehicle are no longer necessary to download footage during a vehicle’s visit back at the depot. The functioning of the recorder can also be checked without a physical visit – automatic health checker functionality can carry this out via a wireless connection at depot or cellular connection whilst on the move.

Footage can also be pre-requested for download from the vehicle on its return to the depot and will therefore be available the next day – without staff having to be physically there to retrieve it.

A wireless set-up paves the way for more advanced features such as “geo-fencing”, which allows the swift identification and downloading of relevant footage from vehicles, to assist in providing evidence for criminal prosecution. This removes the need to trawl through footage vehicle by vehicle and manually compile evidence relevant to an event under review. 

Feedback from visitors to the Synectics stand at Coach and Bus Live 2015 suggested heightened interest in this type of technology and in integration in general. Operators were asking about a broad range of solutions, including 4G, HD cameras and telematics. We live-demoed our software management platform Synergy 3 at the stand, showing what is possible today in terms of back-office integration, and received very positive feedback. 

Our biggest takeaway from the show is that the industry is moving on from seeing CCTV or telematics in isolation, and is starting to ask us 'what else can this do for me?'. That’s the thinking at the heart of integration. Not integrating technology for the sake of it, but to drive efficiencies and let operators work smarter, not harder.