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Discovering the Future of Bus and Coach Surveillance at Euro Bus Expo 2016

Friday, 21 October 2016

The bus and coach industry is becoming ever more regulated and operators are facing challenges to identify cost savings, while protecting their assets and investments in technology.

At Euro Bus Expo, global surveillance expert Synectics will be looking at how technologies such as IP networks, wireless communications and systems integration are shaping the future of on-vehicle CCTV and the industry as a whole, and explaining how operators can use this knowledge to overcome challenges and mitigate risks to their businesses.

Speaking ahead of the show, Jeff Fail, Managing Director at Synectics Mobile Systems, said: “With 85% of buses and coaches in England now fitted with CCTV, operators are familiar with using on-vehicle CCTV systems to manage security and operational performance for their fleets – it has become a ‘must have’ solution. Yet many are still to fully take advantage of the multiple benefits that IP technology and high resolution IP cameras can deliver. The key now is maximizing investment to boost performance.

“For example, high resolution images captured from IP cameras help operators pick out fine details from incident video such as vehicle registration plates – detail conventional analogue cameras are simply not able to capture. As network bandwidth increases, live image streaming is also becoming more practical, enabling operators to view and monitor a vehicle immediately after an incident.  

“We fully recognise our job is to help operators make the right choices, and a key part of this is advising on an upgrade path that helps customers get the most from existing equipment in their fleet, whilst also taking advantage of the latest technology such as IP cameras. Customers may not want to renew all their systems in one go, so we work with them to design an optimal way to migrate to new technology based on steady transition, not ‘big-bang’ change.”

Ian Stringer, Sales and Marketing Director at Synectics Mobile Systems, agrees that technology available now opens up a wealth of opportunities for the future.

Ian said: “Integration presents opportunities not only to improve the flow and management of data and how it is used, but also to help reduce operating costs through more efficient design and removal of duplication – the number of data SIM cards currently deployed on a bus these days is a case in point.

“Greater integration of back-office systems can really drive improved efficiencies through consolidation and provides the perfect platform to enhance data mining capability. Integration is quickly becoming a future standard and we’re here to deliver that to our customers in a controlled way that delivers real value. The world is becoming more connected and it’s that connectivity that is driving technological change within the industry.

“And it doesn’t have to stop there – better mobile networks can provide real-time images straight to the control room, with the possibility of recorded video being automatically sent to the depot over 4G – for example if a heavy braking event occurs – without the need for any human intervention to request the video clip.

"In this sense, WiFi and 4G connectivity supports future convergence between land-based and on-vehicle surveillance, enabling vehicles to ‘speak’ to depots and potentially other transport hubs developing a safer transport infrastructure and providing a fully connected service for our customers.”

At Euro Bus Expo 2016, Synectics will be hosting a drop-in clinic for show visitors, with meeting rooms and a range of free educational seminars on their stand (T136). Entitled “The Future: Working Together”, the seminars will explore topics including:

Future trends in on-vehicle CCTV
Discover how current and new technologies are shaping the future of on-board surveillance, how this is likely to affect the bus industry, and how you can prepare to face the challenges and risks to your business.

Maximising your investment in on-vehicle CCTV
The UK is one of the most watched countries in the world, with an estimated CCTV camera for every 11 members of the UK population. As such, the technology is here to stay. With over 25 years' experience, we're providing an invaluable insight to operators large and small as to how to get the most from your investment.

Understanding your obligations under the Data Protection Act & best practice video management
It is vital that operators understand their legal obligations when operating CCTV. This seminar is designed to give an overview of the DPA and subsequent associated codes of practice, along with a practical insight into how technology can help meet these obligations and support the adoption of best practice.

Driving a more integrated approach to CCTV and on-board data management
The world we live in is becoming increasingly connected. This presents both opportunities to improve the flow and management of data, but, also risks as to how the wealth of data we create could and should be used. This seminar explores how greater integration of back-office systems can drive improved efficiencies through consolidation and improved data-mining capability.

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