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Stagecoach West Apprehends Vandal with Synectics CCTV Images

Thursday, 06 May 2010

When leather seats on Stagecoach West's new prestige Route 94 between Cheltenham and Gloucester were slashed, causing over £1,400 worth of damage, high resolution, Synectics CCTV images of the vandal allowed the culprit to be quickly identified and apprehended.

Stagecoach Gold Route 94 raises the threshold of service quality for passengers travelling between Cheltenham and Gloucester. The double deck, Scania Enviro 400 high-specification buses come complete with Lazzarini Transito Italian-designed, high-back leather seats and Euro V specification engines that represent the very latest in clean engine technology. The interior of the bus is quite different, gone is the hard, plastic panelling you normally find. This has been replaced by softer, noise-reducing blue moquette fabric.

The vehicle's Synectics CCTV system includes 11 high resolution cameras, five of which are deployed on the upper deck, together with passenger displays on the upper and lower decks.

"The vandal looked for seats on the upper deck that he thought were least covered by the cameras, but in so doing he looked into one of the cameras, allowing us to capture a clear image of his face," said Peter Sheldon, Engineering Director, Stagecoach West.

The high quality of the CCTV image allowed the bus operator to print out 7x5 prints which were circulated to staff. Shortly afterwards the vandal was spotted by an Inspector boarding a bus and the police called. At the subsequent court case, the vandal pleaded guilty and was given a 6 month referral order and 3 month weekend curfew.

"The quality of the Synectics CCTV image of the vandal and the ease with which we were able to access, download and distribute it to staff allowed us to take prompt action and quickly apprehend the culprit," Peter Sheldon noted.